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Welcome to Vanier Catholic Secondary School's Office of Religious Education. I hope that the links on this page enable you to explore the multitude of ways we express our mandate to provide a model of education that is animated by the Gospel and that reflects both the traditions and social teachings of the Catholic Faith.

Should you have any questions regarding the material found on these pages, please contact Monica Best at the Office of Religious Education.

Mission Statement

To educate children in a Catholic learning environment. 
Through the sharing of knowledge and Christian values and by celebrating our Catholic faith, students are assisted in developing a personal faith and an understanding and appreciation of self and others.
Each child has the opportunity to strive for academic excellence and to reach his or her potential as a life-long learner.
The uniqueness of each child is celebrated.

A Statement of Values and Beliefs

We believe that parents and guardians, students, teachers, administrators, and the Catholic community are the key contributors to Catholic education. All work together for the emotional, intellectual, moral, physical, social and spiritual development of the whole child. Values taught by example empower and support children for a lifetime of learning and participation in their own community and the global community.


These values include:

  • a strong personal relationship with God

  • love, respect and forgiveness of oneself and others

  • a sense of self-worth

  • critical and creative thinking skills

  • interpersonal skills, and 

  • witnessing to our faith in the world.